NASA has released a photo of Planet Mars, listen

NASA has released a photo of Planet Mars, listen

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – NASA scientists on Friday (19/2/2021) provided accurate initial landing photos of a robotic aircraft called Perseverance on Mars. This photo includes a selfie of a six-wheeler hanging above the surface of the Red Planet moments before landing.

Color photo was taken with a camera mounted on the size spacecraft of a car that landed on Thursday (18/2/2021).

The film was released by Mission Manager during an online news broadcast from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JBL) near Los Angeles.

The photo shows the entire vehicle and the “navel” communication cable suspended from three cables separately from the horizon. You can see the rotation of the dust created by the crane rocket booster.

This hanging image from a science lab shows its clarity and sense of motion, marking the first Earth or spacecraft to land on Mars.

“This is something we have never seen before,” said Aaron Stehura, vice president of the Mission Drop and Landing team. Stehura and Gow were stunned when they saw the film.

Adam Steldsner, JBL’s chief permanent program engineer, said the image became an immediate symbol when compared to a shot of the Apollo 11 astronaut bus Aldrin landing on the moon in 1969 or the image of Saturn from the Voyager 1 satellite in 1980.

He said this photo is an important moment that marks the annual work that thousands of people do.

Next week, NASA hopes to show you some photos, videos, and some audio taken with the six cameras mounted on the hard plane.

Photo: Illustraci Kesaro Greater, Mars (via NASA / JBL-Caltech / UPS via AB)

Another color photo, released Friday, shows the rocky terrain surrounding the landing site, in the Greater Jesuit, a few minutes of diligent arrival.

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In today’s mission, NASA will search for sediments on Mars with traces of dangerous creatures.

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