Michael Lawrence wants to be Shohey Othani of the Reds

Michael Lawrence wants to be Shohey Othani of the Reds

You will tell me that Michael Lorensen is good at everything, but not the best at anything, you should not be wrong.

Reds reliever Shoaib Othani wants to be a part of his team’s rotation when playing outfield and will be a backup hitter between starts.

Realistic? Maybe because he’s a talented athlete, but can the Reds ’system give him all of this latitude? That’s another story.

Yes, the loss of Trevor Boyer leaves a gap at the heart of the cycle in Cincinnati, but is Lorensen the solution? At best, he can take on the role of a fifth starter.

His goals as a member of the spin are very clear, and he wants to play 180 innings.

Lawrence did not want to force the hand of his manager David Bell. By looking at his role this way, he wants to give him more chances while at the same time increasing his team’s chances of success.

Also with the Angels, keep in mind that when he’s healthy, Shoaib Othani throws when he plays very well in the bat.

Michael Lawrence wants to be Shoaib Othani of the Reds, and he hopes the Reds management will come to similar conclusions.

So far, he has acted primarily as a reliever. In the Majors since 2015, he started 21 games that year. His overall record is 22 wins and 21 defeats.

At bat, his lifespan averaged.235. He had seven home runs and scored 24 points in 146 attempts at home.

For now, he has four pitchers ahead of him in the Reds’ rotation: Sony Gray, Luis Castillo, Tyler Mahley and Wade Miley. So he will have a chance to become the fifth starter.

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As for the players who make up the team’s exterior, we see Shoko Akiyama, Nick Costellanos, Tyler Naquin and Jesse Winger. So Lorensen will be the fourth or fifth player.

If Lorensen is to achieve his goals, he must be very confident in the coming weeks.

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