A neurologist said how a smartphone can help you fall asleep

A neurologist said how a smartphone can help you fall asleep

A neurologist said how a smartphone can help you fall asleep

Moscow, February 21. Neurologist-somnologist, head of the sleep service “Unison” told Elena Sareva what to do so that the smartphone does not interfere with sleep and helps to wake up.

The expert noted that the use of the device in the evening affects the quality of sleep. The main effect of the phone is “light and activation”. The color spectrum of the scene suppresses the so-called sleep hormone – Melatonin, said the head of the international community’s “stress and sleep” section “controls under stress”.

The somnolence noted that exposure to light per person does not completely eliminate night shift mode. The expert estimated its benefit at 60%.

But you can use your smartphone in the morning to cheer up. As for the alarm clock, fast melodies are appropriate, which the user likes and listens to well. Sareva advises to fall into a deep sleep after the first signal and approach the opportunity to carefully postpone the alarm clock so as not to hear the second call.

“Therefore, if you go to bed in the evening and feel that you do not have time to sleep, it is better to set the alarm immediately after a while, but to wake up fully from the first signal in the morning,” the doctor said in an interview Radio Sputnik.

Previously, the doctor-somnologist at the Chekhov Medical Academy, Michael Poluktov SaidPeople often experience discomfort because they are constantly awake at night. It is normal to wake up at night and then he falls asleep quickly. Otherwise, we are talking about insomnia.

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