“LeBron must run for president”

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Always stunning on the floors, LeBron James at the same time has an impeccable image as a social figure in the league. For a big name, he should consider a change in politics and target the White House at the end of his NBA career.

Basketball player, above all, LeBron James It has received great praise for its performance on the pitch in recent months. The Lakers president, who was crowned champion at the Orlando Bubble, has announced his candidacy for the Code title. But his involvement in the parallel social struggle has also earned him great praise.

King, who has always been vocal about the cause of Black Lives Matter, played a key role with the NBA public during the US presidential election. DiMergus Cousins, a member of the Angelino team at the start of last season, believes his former teammate has the products of a future head of state, as he has revealed All smoke.

I told him the other day – he’s going to say this frantically, “Brother, you have to run for president!” If only there was one NBA player – LeBron James! He will do it the right way! He has some kind of influence, influence and personality to do that. He understands things, he grew up in the same conditions as us நாங்கள் We could not do better than that!

TMC was amazed at the closeness he had during the time LeBron was with him and was impressed by his talents as a men’s leader. Although he is no longer in LA when the electorate had to put on his social image hat, Rockets can only appreciate his efforts to combat frontline injustice and the Donald Trump administration.

April’s Diamond Green, It is already certain that the LPJ will produce a good president A few months ago, he became the second player in the league to be advised to consider a career in politics. For now, Akron is content to wear his native right and continues to campaign to become the best player of all time.

LeBron already knows that if he follows the recommendations of his colleagues and transforms himself into a candidate for the Oval Office, he can count on the votes of DiMarcus Cousins.

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