Argentina Health Minister resigns

Argentina Health Minister resigns

“I resign as Minister of Health in response to your outspoken request.” In a letter to Argentine President Alberto Fernandez on Friday, Health Minister Guinness Gonzalez Garcia announced that he was suspending his government duties following allegations that he had allowed his friends to vaccinate Covit-19 at the ministry, without making an appointment at a hospital.

The 75-year-old former doctor, who has been in office since 2019, is a member of the Justice Party (located at the center) who has been managing the epidemic from the beginning. Following the revelation of the “privilege vaccines” scandal, the head of state urged him to leave the government in recent days.

Horacio Verbitsky, a 71-year-old journalist who first explored the mechanism of “death thefts” during the dictatorship in a book published in 1995, said on the radio that he would follow his instructions and vaccinate the ministry. Friend Friend.

He acknowledged that a municipal website in Buenos Aires, set up to allow people over the age of 80 to have a meeting to be vaccinated, was immediately completed with a huge request.

According to local newspapers, in addition to Horacio Verbitsky, others close to the government were vaccinated at the Ministry of Health. The scandal sparked a wave of reactions on social media under the hashtag #vacunasvip (“Vaccines VIP”).


Gonzalez Garcia pointed out in his resignation letter “People who have been vaccinated belong to groups that are included in the target population of the current campaign.”, I.e. those over 70, can be vaccinated from Wednesday.

Roberto Navarro, the owner of the radio station that revealed that Horacio Verbitsky had been vaccinated, announced an end to the journalist’s contributions, he said on Twitter. “Immorality is only with 501000 dead, VIPs are being vaccinated. It is immoral to know who approved it and who vaccinated it. ”.

Carla Wisotti, a 48-year-old in-house medical expert known to have negotiated Russia’s Sputnik V vaccine for Argentina, has been replaced by the health minister, the official Telecom news agency reported.

Argentina crossed the 50,000 death toll from the temple on February 13 and has more than two million pollution cases. So far, 1,220,000 doses of Spotnik V have arrived in the country and 580,000 doses of India’s Govshield vaccine arrived on Wednesday. The program includes vaccines from Oxford / AstraZeneca, for a total of $ 62 million this year between various contracts, including Kovacs, an international cooperation mechanism.

Peru’s political class has been rocked by a scandal involving the vaccination of 487 personalities, including a former president, two ministers, civil servants, academics, businessmen and the Apostolic Nuncio.

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