Argentina – Copa de la Liga 2021: Debut time


Sided margins, skating giants and the shadow of Santiago Morrow Garcia in all meadows.


A short month of being crowned போகா JuniorsOf the twenty-six teams that entered, twenty-four matches have resumed. Two teams are missing, Cermiando And Plate, Two promotions that do not have the preparation time required to do the express in advance, is a mistake ascenco Its effect is too late, thus benefiting in a few extra days (probably not enough) First. If the eyes are constantly drawn by the glow, we take the direction of Mar del Plata Bindita In a state of resistance Cemetery.

They were introduced

Freedom, Racing, San Lorenzo, Argentina, Students, Athlete Dukuman, Kodoi Cruise And Aldociv : Nine clubs (ten if we add the third revenue of Sebastian Peccasins Security and Justice) Have chosen to establish a new coach as the leader of their first team. The arrival of Fernando Coco on the bench is a very significant arrivalAldociv. Kago, who has retired from his sporting career, has started a new one as a coach. Do not want to use its name to land a valuable bench (to places of targets) போகா And Welles Would have been more obvious), Bindita Chose to trade from Sharks d ‘Aldociv From Mar del Plata. The first lesson, Kago appreciates possession and builds his attacks from the rear bases at 4-3-3 with technology rather than the athletic environment. No big surprise when you remember the player he was. The second lesson is that he has to transform himself into a magician because his staff is low. At a meeting marked by his teammates paying tribute to Santiago Garcia, the most brutal man in Diego, it was good Kodoi Cruise Who won 2-1 on the road. Led by Sebastian Mendes, Maradona’s former vice president Gymnastics, The Cemetery Luciano Pokர்mon (always happy to write his name) used the error of judgment given by Jonathan Shunke to deceive and certainly dominated as Ezekiel opened the bulletin’s score. History will remember that Federico Androda was the first goal scorer in Kago’s coaching career.


Another starter but without a freshman, Omar de Felipe’s benchAthletes Dukuman. Seventh Club and First (Almost) Successful Meeting in Ten Years for the Winner After the Wizard Jilinsky Leaving La Plata Northern Teen. When Santa Fe moves in the meadowUnion, The Dukumanos Bring back a good 2-2 draw. In the uniform first half, theathlets Ramiro quickly opens Carrera’s identity. If Martin Cassette is equal Datengu, Good Children Returning to the locker room with a goal thanks to the title of the lone Santiago Virgin in the six-meter line. Christian Lucchetti, the decisive young goalkeeper (forty-two) in the first period and captain of the crowd, continues at the same pace, relentlessly pushing back the deadline before the final free kick sent by young Marco Porcino. The back of the web. This match, Russian Definitely would have won it.

In the Tabov party San Lorenzo, The Animal Has chosen to hand over its nails to Gabriel Milito (surprising choice). A failed start for Milito, who brought back a 2-1 defeat from a trip to Rosario. Two goals in the space of two minutes shortly before the break Traitors, With the works of a young Mexican Lucas Martinez Dubois (and one who never missed a double) and Lucas Gamba scoring his first professional goal with a beautiful cross-strike. At the end of the meeting Juan Roman Buchetta (whose parents were in love with Rickelma) closed the gap, too late. Central Win against one Argentina Juniors Dominated.

Giants in pain

After performing miracles with pirates Belgrano And thisAthlete Dukuman, Ricardo Zilinsky settled in the diagonal city, Students From La Plata. The first match, a giant and first win in front of him Russian, If necessary the proof is he Millionaires. If the best opportunities are to be used Pinchas In the first forty-five minutes, it was the second half and President Veron’s players changed the match following a front kick by Fernand Tobio. When Marcelo Gallardo’s players opened the scoring with a goal from Matthias Suarez in the hour, it was local points from Muro Dias (former law) and Fabian Nogura who took three of the two points at game stops. Three points. Lost River Who wants to live without his brain now, Nacho Fernandez, partyAtletico Miniro, But with the signatures of defenders Maidana, Martinez and Alex Vigo, midfielders Bardela and Palavesino and striker Auguston Fontana. On the side of Boga, the sun did not shine much. Facing Gymnastics, The Xeneizes Initially it seemed to control the front part, again, to see it escape. Criticize it for lack of ideas in the game, especially one major problem: போகா There is no conductor. Correct description with Lobo The almost perfect Brahmin in managing the ball, bows, and football provoked him against Aleman. And if போகா, As a code, saved by the signing 10 Cardona’s free kick, the limits released at the end of last season are still the same, while the transfer window has provoked more discussion than expected.

Both giants can take comfort in the fact that the opening of the Copa is not happy for the majority of adults. Racing Restricted Bonfield, It should be one of the best teams to follow in this tournament. A Education The busy version is completely out of date, it has not hit the target yet, and is still low on ideas, the game and the quality of its players. In short, a Education Most worrying of all. On the other side of Avellaneda, the second cycle begins with Julio Caesar Falconi with several questions: one facing Cornet With perfectly organized and clear ideas, The Red Not showing much, settling around a solid security – or a security solid set up. TheFreedom De Falcioni is not yet interested in holding on and he is not trying to deliver a game. So logically lost LaneApplication. So be big, the only one to laugh, Chan Lorenzo. If a pizzy or falcony paw is rarely seen in Avellaneda, the taboo is clearly visible. Casometer. Against Arsenal, we were able to see what the start of the match would be Hurricane This season: intensity, high pressure, use of paths. The recipe, which was paid from the beginning, was two goals hell in the first eight minutes, if the result was too complicated, Ass Closing the gap reveals some flaws in the system set up by Diego Tabov. Nothing to worry about at the moment though, that feeling San Lorenzo Is on the right track.





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