Treat yourself to 100% Bridgeton accommodation in a luxury hotel in London

Treat yourself to 100% Bridgeton accommodation in a luxury hotel in London

The time for travel has not yet come, of course. But it is never too early to plan a trip. For your first trip after health restrictions have been removed, why not Go to London, And play Bridgeton style Duchess?

100% Bridgeton Stay at London Hotel

The Bridget’s Chronicle There is only one season, but the Netflix series is already cult. A hotel in London decided to use the international success of the Shonda Rhymes show to provide its themed accommodation to its visitors. Theh luxtel de luxe The Lansboro Bridgeton offers vacations to its customers.

The first shelter is the “Living like Bridgeton” pack, and we love everything it offers: a Western breakfast Worked in bed, had lunch or a short walk from the hotel at Tea Hyde Park, and traveled in a luxury car to the London shooting locations of the Bridgeton Chronicle.

The second pack is called Preparation for the Social Season, and it is for those who want to relax above all else. This includes English breakfast to be enjoyed in your room or hotel restaurant, a Health session at the spa Class with a manicure and a face, a perfect girl, a lunch or a flower arrangement Afternoon Tea Hyde Park, And a hotel butler’s life skills course.

Book your Bridgeton stay in Lansboro

The good news is, if you’re a little confident about the coming months, you can already book your Bridgeton style accommodation Lancebro Hotel Website. However, be careful, there may be a slight wait before booking your arrival date.

Be prepared for relatively high fees. Who doesn’t want a Bridgeton.

For living like a Bridgeton bag, it costs between 500 and 700 euros per person. Prices for the second option are a bit higher: 700 to 850 euros per person.

If you want to be sure, the establishment is located exactly, directly opposite Hyde Park, and a few hundred yards from Buckingham Palace.

Who knows, maybe it will be an occasion to cross the street Reggae-Gene page, Anthony Bailey, Connect with Phoebe Dineware?

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