NBA: Our Prediction for Los Angeles Clippers

NBA notre pronostic pour Los Angeles Clippers - Utah Jazz

NBA – Injured starter makes his first full season in the NBA. At 20, Zion Williamson has a blast with the Pelicans and can show the full extent of his talent. Tonight again, “MVP, MVP!” Among his audience, he amassed 36 points, 6 rebounds and 4 assists in 67% of shootings against Blazers.

31.6 points, 5.4 rebounds and 3.8 assists in 70% shooting. These are statistics Zion Williamson In his last five games. Duke’s Sophomore counters out. With his performance last night, he has surpassed the 25-point average this season. It is developing on an almost unseen scale For a player who has only played 51 professional NBA games. To find such dominating players so quickly, you need to go back in history and bring out such names Elgin Baylor, Kareem Abdul-Jaber, Michael Jordan Or Shahul O’Neill. This shows the dimension reached by Zion Williamson, who is already a very active candidate in the All-Star Game race in the West. However, his exceptional figures have not been translated into Pelicans’ victories. Of the same five game models, New Orleans players have won only once.

Progress in all areas of the game

If his team still can’t do it, Zion Williamson is advancing from match to match. Its performance is even more amazing (62% shooting per season, 70% success in isolation: best percentage in the league), but he’s more and more in other boxes of the game. In recent matches, Zion is used as an attack initiator, Like a playmaker.

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Its capabilities Handle It greatly improves the ability to find an open team player and serve him. If he decides to go it alone, To Physical strength (2m01, 129 kg) And its speed Allow him to infiltrate the opponent’s scam like butter Its agility and accuracy Do the rest near the basket. It’s easy, at 20, Animal Already in the Pelicans Almost indescribable. Now, his performances must be translated into collective success. Only then can we (already) compare Zion Williamson to the most dominant players in history. The path is all paved.

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