Adrian works with his feet in the water in Australia

Adrian works with his feet in the water in Australia

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This article was published on February 17, 2015.

“It simply came to our notice then. “ Adrian Chattel has not wiped out his pleasure, who will want to replace him ? At the age of 29, Lexovian works as a waitress at a trendy restaurant in Australia, which is fourteen times the size of France, for which he told us of his interest last August just days before he left.

“I work at a restaurant in Pompeii, north of Sydney The Toons, Says Adrian over the phone. When the owner changed, there was a vacancy and I got my chance. “

Like Azeron’s Madeleine Tobin, who was subject to a “postcard” on this page last week, Adrian left with the popular “work holiday visa” that allows him to change inactivity and odd jobs for a year. “This is my second trip. In 2012, I harvested vegetables on a farm. This allowed me to accumulate time to come back. “

At the location of the shooting

After a trip to Brisbane, the young Normand returned to the Australian capital. Since the beginning of summer (winter in Europe), he has been working on the beach in a popular place. “This is one of the shooting locations of the best TV series in the country. The Australian actors all came to film in a one-day series At home and outside, Equivalent Flames of love. Suddenly, it brings a lot of people. “

Very generous clients sometimes allow him to double his salary, which is set at 700 € Euros per week. For this, Adrian works 35 hours on paper, but in practice works more than 40 hours. Find a job in Australia ? “I was responding to an ad on the internet that offered me a job on an advertising site the equivalent of a ban currency. The next day I got an appointment. Two days after the job interview, I started working.”

For some French people, the postcard sometimes crashes. In Australia, the hunger of the French for the country begins to cause a little resentment. I have to say that some “backpackers” (travelers) sometimes have no good habits and modesty. “Australians are open and warm. It’s true that I’ve already heard” F … frogs “, but it’s not the majority, Adrian subtlety. Besides, JUse after counter attacks Charlie Hebdo, A march from Martin Place in Sydney. “

He lives two minutes from the beach

After all, because her workplace is so far from central Sydney, her boss found her a room in a house. ! Adrian still lives there, with roommates of all national races, shorts, flip-flops and Marcel. When he wakes up in the morning, all he has to do is soak his feet in the Pacific Ocean.

Suffice it to say that returning to France is not an emergency. Adrian Saddle, owner of a PTS tour obtained in Cain, plans to resume his studies in Normandy to become a teacher. Of course, his employer extends his visa. “The ball is in my bosses’ court. “

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