L’heure du thé à Londres

Tea time in London


Echo Glass World, Volume 7: Swinging London, Christoph Orleston (screenplay), Alessandro Barbucci (drawing). Versions Solail, 48 pages, 14.50 euros.

In the form Grattle continues his travelogue of this glass world of the Earth. After the deep south of America, here we are in London at the heart of a special affair. The British capital is indeed plagued by a shortage of tea. The only drink that allows the Prisoners to stabilize, the only drink that prevents them from becoming harmless and terrifying little creators in the heat of the moment. In an attempt to unravel the mystery, in the form inspired by the spirit of Sherlock Holmes – a cute kid (but who can hide his game) with the charm of a trendy dandy, following the mob of Fingal, mingling in the squats on the banks of the Thames.

Like the jumping heroine on the cover and Big Ben in Camden, Orleston and Barbusi are fun to revive a strange London, strongly inspired in the sixties, and happily reclaimed.

The Search for the Secret of the Breasts – which marked the beginning of the series was finally closed immediately (in Rome). At this point, it was the ant ritual possessions of the recently deceased personality that were abandoned in support of Sherlock Holmes’ capture, which seems to owe more to LSD abuse than witchcraft.

But gradually abandoning what seemed to be the pillars of the story is not really a bar.

After a political and radical affair (the fight against abortion and religious fundamentalism), this new album sheds a great light. The plot and its resolution are often secondary. This certainly makes the authors curious about the structure and happy little contradictions between our world and the ego (thus referring to the “double-decker snail-bus, a metro powered by elephants”) but we also belong to a particular British tradition (from a secret James Bond route to a tribute to David Bowie or conflict ) Has the right to a festival.This seamless atmosphere symbolizes the adventures of our heroine and more and more Sassy and the person who finds herself, this time – as the scene is understandable – at the heart of a bisexual orgy.

Alessandro Barbusi gives full opportunity to his graphic talent, as does drawing his heroine’s curves into the details of London’s urban landscape.

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