Clay Thompson’s Impossible Madness this season

Klay Thompson envoie un message d’espoir aux fans des Warriors

Clay Thompson is not physically on the pitch with his teammates, but he is still very close with his Warriors. For example, he never misses a single game of his team, and every evening he gets a chance Crazy Absolutely impossible. He is a genius!

Clay Thompson is a unique player in NBA history. He is not only the best 3-pointer to hit the court, but also one of the players with the biggest hits. The mesmerizing recordings are never far off when he begins to combine a few successful scenes together.

Everyone still remembers his exceptional quarterback when he scored no less than 37 points in 12 minutes against Sacramento in 2015! He can only mention the 60 points he scored in 3 quarters, 11 tiny drops or his glorious night in Chicago, where he broke the long-distance shooting record in a crowd …

But from the pitch, Clay Thompson is a unique character. Who else but him will show pride Celebrates Valentine’s Day only ? According to Warriors assistant Mike Brown, this will not be the only strange thing Clay does on a daily basis. Apparently, he uses very rare means of transportation for an NBA player!

Who drives their boat to come to competitions? Clay Thompson.

At first glance, Clay Thompson used his boat to find a way to differentiate himself by going to the Warriors Games… but there is a logical reason behind this choice. To attack through the Achilles tendon a few months ago, Splash Pro still needs a medical boot … which is not practical for driving a car. Crossing the ocean, the rear retains its autonomy!

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Clay Thompson is certainly a unique personality in the NBA. To see if not Holding This spectacular visit was revived once, or if he found the traditional ways of locomotion.

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