Lucas Giolitto: “We want to win the World Series this season”

Lucas Giolitto: "We want to win the World Series this season"

Although the Chicago White Sox have not won a World Series since 2005 and did not make the playoffs from 2008 to 2020, fans can dream again in 2021. The team is made up of young players. Very talented and ex-players are the best.

We can add to the fact that the team signed one of the best relievers in the league at Liam Hendrix and acquired Lance Lynn, one of the best pitchers in recent years.

Internally, we can also feel confident. Pitcher Lucas Geolitto said the organization was starving for a victory.

We want to win the World Series.

Lucas Giolitto

Everything seems to be in the right place for the team to be in good shape to advance to the playoffs. In fact, their division is one of the worst (or otherwise) major baseball games, with two under-teams (the Royals and the Tigers) and the Cleveland Indians exchanging their star Francisco Linder. Only the Minnesota Twins can present a real challenge to the Sox.

In fact, the duo finished last year with a 36-24 record, while the Indians and White Sox finished with a similar 35-25 record. If these three teams have the same potential in 2020, it will be quite the opposite in 2021. Chicago is looking for good players, with young players with experience from last year, who have long been in the playoffs where the team can allow you to have a dream.

Do not be fooled by PECOTA’s prediction. This statistic project puts the White Sox third in their category and, accordingly, does not even make the team playoffs. The same goes for Blue Zeus, but that’s another story.

According to Giolitto, the word “reconstruction” is no longer in Sox’s vocabulary. And according to James Fegan Athletes, The right-handed player made it clear that his team would try to “kill” other teams in 2021. He’s really optimistic, boy.

So expect a great season from him and his team.

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