Donald Trump: The daughter of one of his advisers at the Tele Hook, America has been blunted

Donald Trump: The daughter of one of his advisers at the Tele Hook, America has been blunted

The daughter of Kellian Conway, a former adviser to Donald Trump, is one of several candidates selected to take part in the new season of American Idol, which has become a tele hook, a company in the United States.

Despite being far from Washington, Donald Trump and his entourage continue to give their opponents a cold sweat. He is now much wiser since he left the White House, and the former president of the United States has not yet caused a stir in American politics. This February 16, The millionaire has declared war on his former ally Mitch McConnell, Has called on his party to oust the Republican leader in the Senate. He is not the only one to stun a part of America. There was also talk of his former adviser, Kellianne Conway. But for a completely different reason. His daughter, Claudia Conway, is one of the participants in the new seasonAmerican statue, Tele Hook trying to reveal unknown singers.

Like a well-established program, American statue A moment between mother and daughter released the partner. In front of the camera, the 16-year-old reveals that he has been taken to the next level, getting pleasure from his mother located in another room: “We love you so much. We are so proud of you.” Also, like a slogan:Winners are people who want to lose. “ A video series was shared on social networks, which deceived some Internet users. “Eight seconds is perfect for being black Total understanding, Commented in a tweet confronting the technical error of the video. “No thanks”, “I hate this country”, Other reactions of angry people.

Mother and daughter, in battle for several months

Car Kellianne Conway A controversial figure in the United States. She was the woman who led Donald Trump to the presidency in 2016. Great support from the former US President, Last August he had to resign as a consultant… due to his daughter Claudia. The latter, a big star on Dictok, has been publishing anti-Trump and Black Lives Matter news for months. “My mom’s work ruined my life. It is sad that she continues to follow this road after so many years of seeing her children suffer. It is selfish. It’s about money and fame, women and mothers. “, Especially teenagers were able to write on social networks.

Last January, the young woman, still cold with her mother, He accused her of wanting to harm her and rebuked her again, After posting the compromising photo. A fight now seems like a thing of the past, give me the latest pictures of itAmerican statue.

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