Street art, the best way to find London!

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A British street artist working in London has joined the Office Gallery in Florence! What do we want to discover about British street art that makes London even more unique?

Endless, accepted at the Office Gallery in Florence, a true recognition of street art

Last week, a work by British street artist Endless joined the masterpieces of the office gallery in Florence, a revolution in the art world! Built by Medici, the Uffizi Gallery is one of the world’s finest art traditions, featuring a fine collection of Italian paintings from Michelangelo to Leonardo da Vinci, as well as works by some of the finest European artists, such as Goya or Caravaggio Francisco.

This recognition is important. Since the street is a canvas, anyone can become an artist, and this art form allows those who feel powerless to publish political and social statements. It therefore offers great freedom and diversity, which is important from a human and historical point of view.

Who doesn’t love a little color in their city, it makes everything so much sweeter!

The center of street art in London that attracts artists from all over the world

Speaking of colors in the city, London is full of street art, in a variety of forms, That imprisonment was encouraging. Enough to brighten up your visits!

The Shoredich district is considered the center of street art in London. A long poor neighborhood with a high crime rate, which has become very lively and dynamic today. The perfect place to start your search for street art in the British capital.

If you walk the next door, less than ten minutes, you will find another area of ​​brick murals lined with buildings. Some works will jump towards you, but do not hesitate to look in the corners and small streets to find the rare ones.

You can also find works in tourist areas, keep your eyes open!

To leave East London, you can go Camden neighborhood, Named for his colorful street art. Often considered the second most street art site in London, Camden is a vibrant area of ​​Shoredich and Brick Lane and one of the capital’s best tourist destinations. For music fans, you will find a unique and wonderful work that pays homage to Amy Winehouse. If you like treasure hunts, head to Soho! You can search for the seven noses of Soho produced by artist Rick Buckley and have them installed on the facades of scattered buildings throughout the neighborhood, you just have to have a piercing view looking up!

A very unusual place to find street art in London

On the other side of the Thames, under Waterloo Station, I suggest going to the league street pedestrian mine, which is an unexpected place. If you do not know it exists, you will not find it! This is one of the few places in London where graffiti is allowed.

In 2008, Pangxi organized a ceremony with other artists to decorate the tunnel walls with their creations. This event attracted the attention of the world and since then the tunnel has become an approved area for graffiti. So works of all colors cover the walls and ceiling, but are constantly changing. At any time of the day, you will definitely find artists at work.

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