London Bridge in Arizona takes back the romantic locks of Paris

London Bridge Arizona cadenas love told you a long time ago The story of the 19th century British Bridge London Bridge leads to the Arizona Desert in Hawass City. Today, the story of this irrelevant history continues.

The authors spoke with Jason Castellucci and John Cassis, Director of Strategic Services and Director of Visitor Services for Lake Hawass, respectively. They told us various events about London Bridge and the city of their hearts.

A French tradition on a British bridge in the United States?

Numerous badlocks, symbols of love and union on the London Bridge in Hawass City. This tradition is usually associated with the Bond Nieufe in Paris, which was closed by “Love Badlock” and released from scrap 40 tonnes in 2016 for security reasons. But the tradition is not dead: it is beginning to cover other Persian bridges, and has been on the other side of the Atlantic for ten years.

At London Bridge, the first padlock was ten years old. Jason Castellucci still remembers the name of this tourist couple who came to celebrate their ten year wedding at Hawass Lake: “Andy and Elaine are the primary ones and I don’t even know how I still remember their names! The date they met was written on the padlock. They never came back, so I have no idea what happened to them …”, He jokes.

London Bridge
Le London Bridge நகரம் Lake Hawass City. Photo: jmenard48 – CC Search

John Cassis notes that Lake Hawass is a popular place for Americans to come and spend spring break, and these spring holidays are often synonymous with well-watered parties for students. Therefore, both colleagues described Badlock as a ‘romantic and holiday destination: “The London Bridge tradition is that after placing a padlock on the bridge with your other half, you should immediately throw the keys into the lake. But when you throw away the key, it’s for life! So when visitors come to the spring break we recommend using padlocks that are easy to add and easy to remove.“, He says, hilarious.

French people without subscribers among European tourists

If the city of Hawass tries to establish contacts with Lake France, it is because there are very few French tourists in Arizona other than the Parisians. According to John Cassis, the French reluctance to visit the United States could be explained by a linguistic complex.Francophones are afraid to travel because many of them have little or no command of English, which is one of their main obstacles.. ”

However, Hawass City Lake is located on the tourist lanes that join Los Angeles and the Grand Canyon via Route 66. So, the French are eagerly waiting to reconnect with the “Love Locks” tradition at London Bridge, while at the same time enjoying the activities offered at 300 Annual Sunshine City: Boating, Golf, Fishing, Camping Under the Milky Way …

Hawass City Lake
Hawass City Lake. Photo: Ken Lund – CC Search

Jason Castellucci and John Caesis regret that Lake Hawass and its British Bridge are not well known in France. Each is filled with strange events, one more than the other where the two locals dream of sharing with the French. For example, they make fun of the credibility of the British, McCullough, the businessman behind the arrival of London Bridge, was fooled during the transaction and believed the myth of thinking of buying Tower Bridge. The legend is now part of the folk tales of the city, and Uncle Sam describes the twins: “After the bridge opened, McCulloch joked at his first press conference: “I was surprised when they opened the package, there was no twist in it!”. Obviously, the business tycoon is not in self-mockery.

It’s hard to get around all the curiosity about the history of London Bridge. Surely City website, Many stories about the bridge can be read very funny and very interesting. We’ll cite whether the bridge’s lampposts were made from Napoleon Bonaparte’s Army molten guns, or whether a pair of sneakers of the New Balance brand were inspired by the 2018 London Bridge. London Bridge in Lake Hawass is never surprising. The French are eagerly waiting to discover all its contradictions, why not, to hang a padlock.

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