Goshen case: US Supreme Court gives green light to hand over allies to Japan – LINFO.re

Goshen case: US Supreme Court gives green light to hand over allies to Japan - LINFO.re

Japanese justice has issued an arrest warrant against Michael Taylor and his son Peter. They were arrested and detained in the United States in 2019 on charges of helping Carlos Cosin leave Japan.

A leak organized with allies

Accused of financial fraud, Carlos Gossen He fled to Lebanon in late 2019 to escape the criminal proceedings that awaited him Japan. In May 2020, two men – Michael And his son Peter Taylor – Arrested after an arrest warrant was issued against them. Tokyo has accused them and Lebanese George-Antoine Sayek of helping the former Renault-Nissan leader leave the country.

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Japan is demanding the extradition of two detainees in the United States

Michael and Peter Were arrested in United States When they tried to leave the country to go to Lebanon. They are also in the United States, The Japan Demanded that they be handed over. Both raised the risk of being subjected to conditions close to torture in Japanese prisons, but a judge ruled in January that the argument was not enough to defame the extradition treaty between the two countries.

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The US Supreme Court gives the green light

The United States The father and son decided to detain in the country, the final decision is pending because they are considered to be “The Great Danger of the Plane”. On Saturday, February 13, the appeal was filed Michael and Peter Taylor Rejected by the US Supreme Court. The latter authorized the handover Japan In these two allies of the former automobile magnet.

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