Larry, Downing Street Cat, celebrates 10 years in office

Larry chat Downing Street
Issued by Colin Borhel | On 02/15/2021 at 4:47 pm | Updated 02/15/2021 at 16:56

The UK’s most popular cat celebrates 10 years as ‘Chief Mouse Hunter’ on 10 Downing Street. An exceptionally long life, which allowed it to truly capture the hearts of the English.

At age 14, White and Debbie Tomcott own the company with three consecutive prime ministers. Just minutes before the announcement of the real logo in the UK – with more than 437,000 followers on his Twitter account – he was able to catch the attention of the cameras by catching a pigeon a little louder. The post-Brexit deal Between London and Brussels.

“All animals deserve a second chance”

Between rats, sleepers and welcoming foreign heads of state, Larry now has a busy life. But the cat’s story begins long before he comes to power. Larry, who was selected by David Cameron’s team in 2011, was taken to the Pottersea Dogs and Cats Home Shelter a few months ago. According to Lindsay Quinlan, head of cats in Patterson, hope for all animals abandoned in the UK. “Her story is further proof that all animals get a second chance at life. Larry proves just how amazing wild cats are to millions of people around the world every day,” she says.

Now well established at 10 Downing Street, the truck seems to be appreciated by all. It is almost obvious that London is now elected “Most Welcome City in Europe” For pets.

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