‘I’m going to destroy you’: Biden spokesman resigns after threatening journalist

"Je vais vous détruire": le porte-parole de Biden qui avait menacé une journaliste démissionne

The 32-year-old DJ, who was part of Mr Biden’s campaign team. Douglas joined the White House after the presidential election, becoming deputy spokesman for the US administration’s spokesman Jen Zaki.

Following the incident, he was initially suspended without pay. But his resignation has now been accepted by the president, Zen Zaki said in a statement.

According to Vanity Fair magazine, Mr. Taclo had a heated phone conversation with Tara Palmerie, a journalist with the Politico site, who asked him about her months-long close relationship with Alexi McMund, another journalist with the Axios website. In the ethical questions it may raise.

“I’m going to destroy you”, Mr. Taclo was introduced to Tara Palmer, according to Vanity Fair’s account of the incident, and she made “disgusting and misleading comments” to the press.

Ms Zaki clarified that the White House had accepted Douglas’ resignation after talking to him on Saturday night.

“We are committed to fighting every day to meet the standards set by the President by treating the people with respect and dignity,” Zaki said in a statement.

When the incident came to light on Friday, Ms. Sackie, DJ. Douglas apologized to the Politico reporter, “with whom he had a heated conversation about his personal life.”

Mr. Douglas posted a statement on Twitter in which he expressed regret for his “intolerable actions”.

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