France wants to make progress in cyber security

Improvements in cyber security. All companies in France are being invited to this long-running race, while Economy Minister Bruno Le Meire and Secretary of State in charge of digital change Cedric O’Brien are due to make announcements on Monday, February 15. Department of Operations. The government is particularly anticipating the progress of a French campus project dedicated to cyber security.

The Origin of the Project Since 2015, the then Minister of Economy, Emmanuel Macron, has visited Cyberpark, an innovation complex based in Peer-Sheva, about 60 kilometers south of Tel Aviv. The site welcomes hundreds of entrepreneurs, researchers and start-ups. Emmanuel Macron, then elected President of the Republic, announced at the end of 2019 a plan inspired by what he had seen in Israel.

The French version, to a lesser extent, must be subject to an investment of over one billion euros and allow the hiring of several hundred “cyber-fighters”.

Lots more cyber attacks

Over the years, cyber security has become a major strategic issue for companies, which must be attacked by various forces. ” Once upon a time we saw the ordinary crime of hitting car radios, which turns into cyber crime, Chechen General Representative (Club of Information and Digital Security Professionals) explains in Alain Pilla. At the other end of the spectrum is government-organized cybercrime. Also, in the midst of more or less organized cybercrime “. Great actor, finding the most complex and difficult attacks.

Moreover, the 2020 frequency of attacks does not indicate a cessation. This is shown by the results of this week’s poll conducted by the Chechen Commission every year. 57% of companies claim to have experienced at least one cyber attack by 2020. And one in five companies has fallen victim to a ransomware attack in which malicious software takes a user’s personal data hostage. Income in exchange for an amount.

Outsourcing weakens information systems

“Phishing” (or “phishing”) is a very broad-based operating system that sends victims the confidence that they are being addressed to a trusted site (company, bank) to obtain personal information from them. ” During the first control, gel to promote opening patches, new vectors to sell masks new vectors, Explains Alan Pilla, But there is no wave of crisis .

According to the expert, the acceleration of digital change caused by the health crisis can be done in one way or another. ” Rushed », But this situation is not enough to explain the maintenance of a large number of cyber-malicious activities.

These should be blamed on the very structural evolution, especially the outsourcing of information systems to the “cloud” (digital cloud). “Cloud providers don’t always do the job of providing solutions, Advain Palle. IT support, the station’s upgrades, which were previously carried out locally, but are now outsourced, have weakened because even IT companies that are supposed to protect their client companies are attacking themselves. When this happens to them, they sever the relationship with corporate clients with co-victims. »

Olvit, as an alternative to WhatsApp

If it continues to be explained that data congestion will determine the economic forces of the future, there are many who want to regulate the opposition. Among them, a news service that does not hide the desire to challenge the overwhelming dominance of Olvit, WhatsApp and its 2.7 billion users. To Thomas Payneres, a physician in cryptography and founder of Olwitt, « The centralized directory of users who use the news system owned by Facebook is a tool that stores personal data. ”.

While working to follow an ergonomic method similar to WhatsApp, Olvit’s founder on the one hand tries to differentiate himself by providing the same basic services (personal news, group news, photo sharing, videos …). American competitor, but on the other hand offers paid options for secure calls and video conferencing. For experts.

To recognize his orator, the exchange of four-digit code was formal. « In Medep, Olvitt has a different adaptation, Jeffrey Roux de Besiux, President of the Employees’ Organization But we are looking to implement it to replace the WhatsApp we used for informal groups. “

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