Families face dreamer spider invasions in their homes

Families face dreamer spider invasions in their homes
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Australia is home to all kinds of animals. Sharks, kangaroos, colas, platypus, snakes and spiders. If these species are generally found in their natural environment, they may sometimes call themselves the homes of humans. A few days ago, a mother found a hundred spiders in her daughter’s room.

Hundreds of spiders on the ceiling and wall

Last Wednesday, Australian Betta Rogers posted thrilling pictures on Twitter. ” My friend Gaaaahhhhhhh in Sydney walked into her daughter’s room and found this He tweeted. His friend in question asked not to be identified on social media. In the video he sent, he shows hundreds of small vulnerable room Spiders.

He explained in the video that there were about fifty or sixty spiders in one corner of the room, and before turning the camera to another corner you could see at least twice as many spiders on the wall and ceiling. ” They are so beautiful She screamed believing they were baby spiders. Apparently, the latter are not afraid of small insects. In addition, she did not hesitate to make fun of this matter: ” Are you going to go now? Want to burn down the house? »

How do you explain the presence of these spiders in the home of this Australian family?

Archaeologist Robert Raven explained that following the event, arthropods took refuge in the house. Australia. Predatory spiders move especially into human homes when the heat and humidity are very intense, as these have secure corners where spiders can hide.

« Spiders seek mild environments based on heat and humidity. So inside a house, they usually find their way. We bring together wonderful conditions that reflect what is seen in the bush. We call houses, they call it caves The scientist explained that this climate was also ideal for laying arthropod eggs.

According to him, there are a hundred baby spiders in a bag of eggs. This may explain why so many small spiders have come to this Australian family home.

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