Without any hindrance: Five million dollar Border Goalie

Without any hindrance: Five million dollar Border Goalie

When the dog owner Lulu, Border goalie An 8-year-old, passed away, he did not want to allocate less than five million dollars of his choice. Businessman Bill Doris, who has been traveling around the world following his work, always felt that he did not devote enough time to his girlfriend’s pitch, so he decided to leave the best of his money to his pet. Now, Laurie is in the care of Doris’ best friend, who has actually won the astronomical sum. Watch an interview with Lulu’s successor, Martha Burton:

According to a Channel 5 report, Doris was a single man who had never been married or had children, and died about two months ago at the age of 84. His friend, 88-year-old Martha Burton, got all his wealth so he could continue to take care of Lulu, and these days Lulu moved to his home in Nashville, USA, where Doris stays from time to time while staying abroad.

Martha Burton and Lulu (Photo: YouTube Screenshot)Martha Burton and Lulu (Photo: YouTube Screenshot)

In an interview with local media, Burton said Lulu wants to protect his home and that he serves as a kind of “guard bitch.” Burton later said in an interview: “Bill loved this begging so much that he would leave her with me, so I would take care of her, but to be honest, I don’t know what I think about it.” The will adds: “Five million dollars will be transferred to the mutual fund to be established with my death to take care of my Border Collie beggar.”

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The option further states: “This money is intended to meet all of Lulu’s needs, which will be in the possession of Martha Burton.” The local media did not want Burton to buy Lulu a bowl of gold food or a diamond-plated collar, but rather to take care of her daily needs. “I know there’s no way to spend so much, but I’m happy to try it,” Burton joked.

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