The NBA comes into effect in the Dormac collection from Decathlon

The NBA comes into effect in the Dormac collection from Decathlon

The announced partnership between Decathlon’s basketball branch NBA and Dormak is now firm, making fans envious with a wide variety of products.

This Friday, February 12th, you had to react to the belief that you can find your happiness during the pre-sale. Brand website. With everything gone in a few hours, now March 17th, you will have to wait for it to be used in the store and on site.


The deal, the biggest for the French brand in terms of image, is the first time Decathlon has been established with a North American sports league, so the brand decided to put small meals on a large scale with an XXL collection.

A total of nine teams and 76 products

A total of 76 products are on offer, ranging from training suits, thermal underwear, accessories and shoes. Some will simply display the logo and colors of the league, while others will be entirely in the colors of the most valuable NBA owners.

These are obviously products that hardcore fans have been waiting for. Nine teams were selected for this first Salvo, and no surprise in the league’s marketing heavyweights. So we see Lockers, Nets, Clippers, Rockets, Warriors, Knicks, Bucks, Celtics and Heat. However, there is no trace of the Jazz and the Sixers or the 2019 champions, the Raptors, who currently have the best record in the West and East.


The shoe model derived from the existing Tarmac model, in particular impressed us with the promising quality of finish and aesthetic choice that Nike or Adidas did not deny. The green-pink model that bears the Heat logo is fantastic, for example, in the colors of sober and elegant lacquers that both models (adult and junior) have to exit very quickly.

Hugo Boss is also in the race

As the good news never came alone, the NBA also introduced the highly anticipated capsule collection from another brand. Hugo Boss has hired three NBA champion Tremond Green to improve his new spring / summer range.


The Warriors player will be the epitome of this BOSS x NBA collection for 2021. In addition to the league logo, it includes nine teams (New York Knicks, Brooklyn Nets, Los Angeles Lakers, LA Clippers, Miami Heat, Chicago Bulls, Golden State Warriors, Houston Rockets and Toronto Raptors). Streetwear and stylish, the collection includes hoodies, pullovers, T-shirts, sweatpants and shorts.

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