QAnon is a galaxy from the United States that touches France

QAnon is a galaxy from the United States that touches France

Study – Between “restructuring”, conspiracy and esotericism, the pro-Trump movement won the hexagon. To some extent, however, it raises the concern of the French authorities.

Warrior Music Pebble Style or Game of Thrones. Deep and mesmerizing voice sounds on drums and chorus. “My son, this time you look crazy ? Mankind lost in the dark, the post-dictatorship. “ Video, baptized We are just people, Was released on YouTube on January 27th and sits at the top of the DéQodeurs website. Proud to publish information on the platform “Verified and Verifiable”. In fact, it is one of the gateways to the French web of the mysterious QAnon galaxy, this pro-Trump movement, where there is conspiracy, misinformation and extremist overtones. According to our information, the Interim Mission for Awareness and the Struggle against Sectarian Variations (Mivludes) has received about fifteen reports and testimonies about QAnon in France in recent weeks. “The situation is worrying”, We deliver internally.

We will go there! This is the title of another video that aired on the DéQodeurs website, which integrates

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