Sivas dropped Sentellos, they are in second place; USA 2-1 in Guerrero

Sivas dropped Sentellos, they are in second place;  USA 2-1 in Guerrero

Sivas dropped Sentellos, they are in second place; USA 2-1 in Guerrero


Ad Guadalajara have accumulated three games in a row without reaching 16 points, while the Nexus continues without points. Photo by ecNecaxaFemenil

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Journal La Jornada
February 13, 2021, p. a10

The Sivas women finished second overall in the opening stages of the 7th day of the Guardians 2021 tournament played at the Victoria Stadium in Aquascalindes, beating Nikaxa 2-0 yesterday.

With this decision, the Guadalajara club amassed 16 units without losing three games in a row, temporarily keeping themselves in second place at the top. For their part, the Sentinels continue to win this season, which is why they are in last place (18) without points.

Guadalajara’s side opened the scoring in the 30th minute when Victoria Acevedo sent a shot into the center of the box, which was joined by Alicia Cervantes, who took it 1-0 from the left side of the goal.

In the second half, Chivas continued to dominate the game and was able to increase his advantage in the 63rd minute when home goalkeeper Daniela Munoz came out to take a shot from Rojiplankus and sent the ball into the back of the net to seal the final 2-0 with an unforgiving and Isabella Guttierez unattainable.

In turn, the United States suffered the most, but beat Curatoro 2-1 at La Correidora.

Thanks to the win, the Eagles amassed 12 units and finished seventh, while Colos Blancos was 13th with seven points.

Eva Gonzalez advanced to the Azul Creams in the 9th minute and took a powerful shot to drive the ball into the corner.

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The Americans’ second goal was completed in the 77th minute, after a shot from Daniela Espinosa.

However, Lisette Rodriguez closed the gap on the scoreboard in the 82nd minute, conceding a 2-1 penalty in favor of Curatoro.

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