Political animal cat truck on Downing Street

Le chat Larry, un animal politique à Downing Street

His long life was enough to make people jealous: 10 years in office, he served in the UK under three prime ministers. Amidst knobs, rats and flashes, the cat truck peaks at 10 Downing Street.

However, Debbie and White Tomcott have not been easy since he first crossed the famous black door of the British government leader’s house on February 15, 2011.

Four-year-old Larry leaves Patterson’s refuge for the purpose of stabilizing the heart of power. According to Downing Street, he was chosen for his “true predatory instinct”, naming him the “Chief Mouse Hunter”, which is not the respect he officially receives from his ancestors.

The Kingdom’s expectations are high, but Larry’s performance is disappointing. He, of course, killed three rats in the first few months, according to then-Prime Minister David Cameron, but his hunting chart remains skinny: Larry is there, but the rats are dancing.

It is said to be in the hot seat, but Larry manages to stay in the office.

His autobiographical note on the official government website underscores that he “knows how to win the hearts of the public” and the journalists who preceded him, while waiting in front of the residence, snacks and sweets. Larry checks “old furniture” for his wipes. As for rat control, it is still in the “tactical planning phase”.

In 2016, Larry was on Downing Street when David Cameron resigned after winning a “vacation” in a vote on Brexit.

These divisive questions, during his last question-and-answer session before parliament, Cameron denies rumors of a disagreement with the animal, with photo support. Larry will then work with Theresa May and then Boris Johnson.

– “I am responsible” –

In a country where animals are worshiped, the cat also plays the role of “public relations,” historian Anthony Shelton told AFP. “It helps to humanize the Prime Minister”, underscores the Downing Street expert, to “distract” in difficult times.

“When there is such a rift between politicians and the electorate, a prime minister – especially a prime minister who has made things worse by helping to polarize the country – seize any opportunity to make people feel like they have something in common,” said Tim Bale, a professor of political science at Queen Mary University in London. Said.

“We don’t like all cats – that’s why Boris Johnson has a dog – but millions of Britons have animals,” the political scientist told AFP. “So there is a chance to seize.”

Larry is on all state visits. If he had been friends with Barack Obama, he would have immobilized his successor Donald Trump’s armored limousine “The Beast” at the White House.

Dec. The turbulent diversion managed to escape and the truck occupied the media.

Although he always refuses to speak in front of the microphone, Larry has written a book (well, with the help of a journalist) and is very active on Twitter, where his account – unofficial – has 430,000 subscribers consistently.

Who is behind this? The mystery remains. By communicating on the social network, “Larry” confirms that no man has helped him to tweet.

The secret of its longevity? “You have to remember that I’ve always lived here, politicians will only be with me until they are removed,” Larry told the AFP, “sooner or later they realize ‘I’m just running that place’.

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