How the film broke the symbols of fairy tales

By providing such inclusive cast, Legend of Cinderella Redefined the myth told to children for more than 300 years and additionally caused a revolution. In the 90s, producers wanted to show how far the company was already developing. With this film, they broke the belief that fairy tales could only be portrayed with actors who looked like the original characters. Beyond notable cast, the product is modern thanks to its script. Screenwriter, Robert L. Friedman, Wanted to show a new Cinderella on screen, making her more independent and less passive, waiting for great love to fall on her.

In total, Disney has amassed more than 60 million views on the channel since its release. In 1998, he also won an Emmy Award. A real hit recently prompted Brandi to add Norwood Legend of Cinderella On one of the streaming sites, the production will be as accessible to everyone as any other cult film of the 90s. Finally, Disney + responded with confirmation. One way to bring new visibility to this story is to inspire as much as the original, if not more.

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