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Buckingham scandal: 1992, Queen’s “Annual Hariplis”

His majestic life amazes, fascinates and intrigues citizens all over the world. In the midst of drama, power, but also political and emotional drama, the editorial staff takes you into the turbulent world of the British Crown. Corruption of the Royal Family, Chapter Four.

In the opinion of the majority of the planet, if 2020 is one of the worst years in history, it is not certain that Elizabeth II shares this sentiment. The loss of Mauritius, the split between Prince Charles and Diana, described by the fire in Windsor as “Annas Haripilis”, 1992 was not an easy year for the royal family.

March 12: Mauritius becomes a republic

Mauritius, the last African kingdom to become a royal family, became a republic on March 12, 1992, when independence was declared in 1968. Until now under the power of the royal family, the country abandons its monarchy and then liberates itself from the sovereignty of the throne. A disappointment to his majesty who considered the region A crown jewelry.

But more than an annoyance, the loss of the island signifies a steady decline in British influence in the world. Although many African countries have already decided to withdraw their heads of state from the Queen of England, such as Ghana (1960), South Africa (1960) and the Gambia (1970) – the loss of Mauritius acts as a shock to the state. During her official visit in 1972, Elizabeth II underlined the important historical connections that unite Mauritius with Great Britain.

June 6: A book in the form of a divorce

His Majesty, who had already been touched by the weakening of the kingdom, was surprised, at that time, by the autobiography of his daughter-in-law, Princess Diana. She reveals the details of the association with him Prince Charles, Her difficult relationships with members of the royal family, and the presence of her husband’s mistress, a young woman named Camila. The book was a great success and soon became a bestseller. Ever since entering the throne, it has been an awakening dream for the queen who has tried to keep the privacy of palace life a secret.

Despite many attempts at reconciliation, the love affair between the two wives seems to be over. The prince and princess are accused by the media of committing adultery with each other. The unacceptable situation led to their separation on December 9, 1992.

The divorce, pronounced in 1995, puts an end to the story that initially shook her. Also, three years later, Charles had the opportunity to ask his mother to formalize his relationship with Camilla. He firmly believes this: she is his true love. Their intense relationship lasted more than 15 years. An argument for not trusting the Queen who refuses to recognize the couple. Even more shocked that he has not opened up his personal life in the media, he wants to avoid a new national scandal. British royal protocol prohibits the prince from marrying a divorced woman, and Her Majesty has no intention of violating the rules.

Yet all attempts to keep Camila away from the royal family are in vain, and the two lovers continue to this day. Since 2005, eight years after Diana’s death, the couple has been persuading Elizabeth II to accept their union. But even though she is now a member of the British Crown and not unanimous in the new Princess Palace of Wales, her mother-in-law goes so far as to deny the title of Queen when Charles seizes the throne.

November 20: Fire at Windsor Castle

The announcement of Charles’ separation, a few months after Prince Andrew and Princess Ann, tarnished the reputation of the British royal family.

But, having already tried, 1992 turned out to be a dream come true. Here, there is no controversy or corruption, but simply an accidental fire in Castle Castle, which is one of the royal residences. In the middle of winter, a curtain in the Brunswick Tower ignites in contact with an halogen lamp and spreads rapidly to neighboring rooms.

If firefighters were able to control the blaze quickly, fires would have burned most of the state apartment complex, thus losing many works of art. An emotional and financial drama for the Queen that has no choice but to open up Buckingham Palace .5 36.5 million to the public to fund the restructuring.

Undeterred by the events, Elizabeth II delivered a speech four days later that still resonates in British memories. Her voice screams with smoke inhaling during the fire, she says, hoping the best days are ahead. Words we all want to hear in 2021.

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