Biden concludes that asylum seekers will automatically return to Mexico

Biden met un terme au renvoi automatique des demandeurs d'asile vers le Mexique

“From February 19, the Department of Homeland Security will begin the first phase of its program to restore a secure and orderly process along the U.S. southwestern border,” a statement said.

Executive Biden noted that immigrants targeted by Donald Trump’s so-called “stay in Mexico” move would be allowed into U.S. territory.

This policy, implemented in 2019, does not apply to Mexican people, but asylum seekers who came to the United States via Mexico were forced to remain there until their claim was investigated. He was severely criticized by civil rights associations.

At least 70,000 asylum seekers have returned to Mexico as part of the plan, which has created a humanitarian crisis on this side of the border and has been exacerbated by the epidemic, according to the U.S. Immigration Council.

Asylum applications for the 25,000 people targeted by the policy are still pending, a Democratic administration official said.

Alejandro Myorgos, the first Hispanic new Minister of Homeland Security to hold the post, hailed “a new step in our commitment to changing immigration policies that are inconsistent with our nation’s values.”

From his first day at the White House, Joe Biden had already sent pledges to the Democratic Left, which expects a 180-degree turnaround in immigration issues, four years later, to lock in the borders of the United States.

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