Terrible post with Russell Westbrook’s guides

Russell Westbrook des Wizards

The best against the Nets a week ago, Russell Westbrook unfortunately could not confirm his good performance. The leader has fallen back on his failures and his record is very scary.

Guides without are the best Russell Westbrook ? The question now is to ask. The captain has not been able to do this since the start of the season and there is only one real match: the match against the Nets, where he scored with almost 50 points. But for the rest? This is a total failure, which prompts us to ask some questions in the capital.

Take the game this Wednesday night, against the raptors. Washington still lost by a huge margin of 137-115. There was no suspense since Scott Brooks’ men chased their opponent for 48 minutes.

What about Westbrook in all of this? Well this is 9/20 shooting for 23 units and a -22 difference. Bradley Peel did not perform well with 8/20 and 1/6 shooting. It’s hard to blame the whole back, but the guides can’t trust much when their best player is playing like this. However, we are interested in a statistic about old MVP.

For now, Westbrook has not found a solution. Can he jump back? If so, this will take a long time, which guides will not do. Nevertheless, one statistic summarizes the start of the campaign, according to StateMuse: Washington has a negative record when Russ is around. When he was not there? Their record is positive.

The guides are now 2-13 with Russell Westbrook, and 4-3 without him.

Now without Russell Westbrook the guides would no doubt be the best. It is not certain that this trend will be reversed in the future …

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