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Central African Republic: Armed forces recapture the city of Bower

On January 13, the CBC, one of the six most important armed groups in the country, began to descend on the bay trying to seize the capital. Since then, Central African forces have been backed by their Russian and Rwandan allies. On Tuesday, February 9, the strategic city in particular was taken over, officials announced. Central African Armed Forces captured the country’s first garrison town of Barr on Tuesday morning with their allied forces. Soon, photos of them 0km away from the city were in circulation, with several thousand people fleeing their homes in violent clashes on January 9th and 17th. Coalition leads to the takeover of part of the city by armed groups. This is an important step in controlling the supply corridor. The CBC has been concentrating its efforts since mid-December. The stated goal of the insurgency: to suffocate capital. Until recently, a front line in counterfeiting officially marked the position held by the legal forces. But for a week now, the forces have accelerated their advance on the corridor: Bosembele on the 4th, Yalok on the 5th, Bosembale on the 7th and Barr on Tuesday. A rapid advance but without much war, the armed groups seem to be retreating before the advance of the conventional forces. This raises questions for some viewers: Does it acknowledge the weakness of the alliance? Or on Tuesday evening it announced that it had agreed to open a restructuring strategy, the CBC Armed Forces, voluntary organizations and a humanitarian corridor for Minusca for a limited time. Nevertheless, it claims to maintain siege to any other type of movement on the main distribution axis. On Monday, a group of 13 humanitarian trucks reached the area, the first time since the pavement was closed in December.

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