What are the traffic restrictions this Wednesday?

What are the traffic restrictions this Wednesday?

Due to the weather, the police chief took several measures to avoid accidents on the regional roads of Paris.

Meto-France keeps all departments of All-de-France on an orange snow-ice alert. It is therefore recommended to restrict your travels by car. The temperature should be negative and the snow should be on the ground, so the roads are particularly slippery.

Paris Police Chief Didier La Lment took a number of action on the roads this Tuesday evening. From 8pm, more than 7.5 tonnes of goods have been banned from traffic Рwith the exception of Рfrom circulation throughout L-de-France’s entire configuration network. So these vehicles are called to cross the area.

RN 118 closed

From 9pm, RN 118 is closed to all types of vehicles. The goal is to avoid repeating the February 2018 scene where thousands of motorists are stranded.

Vehicles aimed at passenger transport should limit their speed to 80 km / h on all roads in the region.

Finally, as a reminder, school transport is being canceled in the four Ile-de-France departments of Wall-de-Ois, Ezone, Sean-Ed-Marne and Yvelines.

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