“Hope” Study Mars Orbit / Article / LSMLV

"Hope" Study Mars Orbit / Article / LSMLV

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) space probe “Hope” reached orbit on Mars on February 9. We look forward to seeing you live.

After seven months of flight, space explorations from the United States (China), China and the United Arab Emirates are expected to reach Mars in the coming weeks.

UAE space exploration will reach Mars for the first time via “Hope” or “Hope”. On February 10, it will be connected to the Chinese spacecraft “Tianwen-1”. The last red planet to reach the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) robot “Perseverance” on February 18 touching the Jazero Valley.

One year after the arrival of “hope” in the districts of Mars – 687 days. The study orbits Mars every 55 hours. The purpose of Mars in the UAE is to provide a detailed picture of the meteorological dynamics in the atmosphere of Mars. At the same time, this scope is an opportunity to start growing in a new sector, which reduces the dependence on a basic income-generating sector – oil extraction.

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