French bikers in Perth

After spending almost a year on a motorcycle in Townsville, Queensland, my trip to Australia took me to Perth in February 2020. I quickly bought a motorcycle, so it was natural to want to meet other bikers.

I have seen many Australian groups, but …. Facebook group “ French bikers in Perth / French bikers in Perth »Created by Franசois on July 3, 2020.

After seeing several publications of French motorcyclists on a national level, so many “ bottles are thrown into the sea ” without actually answering, Franுவாois wanted to try to unite the French biker community in Perth … and, well, work. The group now has 81 members. It was created primarily with the aim of uniting French motorcycle fans to discuss the subject of motorcycles in Australia and Perth. This is an egalitarian and very kind team, any biker or biker is welcome to ask questions, share tips, arrange a ride or improve their business related to motorcycles.

When I say around me that I joined a French biker group in Perth, people are always so surprised, except, I don’t think it exists, I just accidentally saw it. When I asked team members why and how they joined “French Bikers in Perth,” Adrian C told me: “Personally, I stumbled upon a group thanks to a project. In my Facebook news feed ”. Some members explain that they are part of the group because they like to ride in a group and in Australian life, they sometimes appreciate the opportunity to meet with the French people. This is what Massa S explained to me: “I did not join the group for a specific reason, I like to ride, I know it’s always fun together. Also, as a foreigner, it is good to meet people who share our culture and, more importantly, our interest! “.

So, for motorcyclists, “ride” or “ride”, in the end, as long as we are on our motorcycle, we are happy! With Australians, foreigners from all over the world or even French people, all we love is riding and talking about our bikes, our breakdowns and our adventures. In “English” or French, we have the spirit of biker, but if we ask you, you can tell that there is a group of French bikers in Perth!

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