Before getting behind the wheel of a car, this cola piles up in Australia – photos

Before getting behind the wheel of a car, this cola piles up in Australia - photos

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Photos of Cola on the wheel of a car have been making the rounds in the Australian media in recent days. However, behind these unusual clichs is the dramatic story of rescuing the animals, which were almost destroyed on the road.

Road traffic in the suburbs of Adelaide, Australia With a cola As a car pile, the Guardian Australia writes.

It all started with a driver who suddenly stopped to save an animal that came on the road. This maneuver was not expected by other cars as it collided in a chain. As a result, six cars were damaged, causing a major traffic jam.

Recovered animal

Marsupial was caught by a woman who, like other drivers, got out of his car to understand why the traffic had stopped. He told the media that he had seen a woman The animal chases It entered between vehicles and crash barriers.

“As soon as he saw me he turned to run back, but the other woman was there and we caught him,” the woman told the store.

He then called a local animal rescue center and arranged with an expert to pick up the animal from a nearby gas station. As she waited for him, Cola felt right at home in the car and even moved to the driver’s seat to pick up the wheel as shown in the funny photos the woman took.

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