Want to print that perfect selfie? Xiaomi offers a small printer without ink

Want to print that perfect selfie?  Xiaomi offers a small printer without ink

International.- Although we live in the digital age, all of our memories and pictures are now stored on our phones, computers, or cloud; There are still people with nostalgia and love who want to get one Photo of body shape. Shiomi is the one who challenges with this technology.

Have you ever been to a party or a trip, it is so perfect when taking a photo with your cell phone, should it be printed at this time? You can fulfill that wish. Xiaomi’s new Zinc Zero My Portable Printer is the solution.

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This printer has the same size as the external battery, the outer casing made of ABS plastic and polycarbonate. It only has three buttons to operate, so it is very intuitive; Gives you the ability to print photos up to three inches in size. You do not need ink to print, Works with a special photosynthesis paper just like we used on older instant cameras like Polaroid.

The gadget works very easily, you just need to connect it to your cell phone via Bluetooth and you can print the photos you want with the help of an app. You do not need WiFi to work, so wherever you are, You can get that special photo This time, on a smaller and more retro scale.

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The printer reaches p stores fire stores in Latin America for about a month May 2021, But you can already buy it online from the Xiaomi page. If you want to erase your most wonderful moments, this device is a great option.

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