Plaza de la Danza will be held in Latin America

Plaza de la Danza will be held in Latin America

For the 3rd year in a row, Toulouse / Occitani crosses the Atlantic during the La Place de la Danze la Plaza de la Danza Festival organized by CDCN, which takes place from February 11 to 26 in Ecuador, Peru, Argentina, Uruguay and Chile. Alliance and Peru Lima, Detro Timbre in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Detro Verdi and Temporada Alta Festival in Montevideo, Uruguay.

The festival tackles the epidemic by providing public and digital programming so visitors have the opportunity to attend certain events, which are conveniently set up from their homes (marked by appointments *).

On the show

Sisyphus / Julie Nioch
A hopping performance in which participants jump non-stop during the 17 minutes of The End of the Doors. A challenge, but finding its limitations and undoubted resources is the shared drive, the lasting invisible currents. Strength!
> Friday February 19 | Coalition Franாங்கois de Quito | 6 p.m.
Awesome Less Dancer Uses of the National Dance Institute of Ecuador

Emotionless / Julie Nietzsche
A dance instrument imagined by Julie Nioch during her imprisonment in April 2020, to fulfill two essentials: keep dancing, keep meeting.
Wherever they meet the public (on their street, in a school, in an EHBAT, in a public garden …), these newcomers offer dancers a dance in exchange for a chosen word.
Exchange of dance instrument by video conference by Julie Nioch and Milena Glabert in January 2021.
Assisted by Miguel Garcia El Lawrence
> Saturday February 20 | Quito, Queenga and Loja, Ecuador | Coalition Franாங்கois de Quito | Throughout the day
With dancers from Ecuador, Peru and Argentina: Alejandra Nuசes y Edison Calvan, Louis Sifuventes and Ana Lucia Medina / Estephania Vimos and Chinov Urgiles / Jimmy Parades and Gabriella
> Saturday February 20 | Buenos Aires, Argentina | Detro stamp 4 | 7 p.m.
With: Jon Michael O Lucas Marino
> Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 February | Lima and Cusco, Peru | Coalition Franாங்கois de Lima | 5 p.m.
Avec: Miguel Garcia Lawrence, Andrea Perreta, Kimiko Guerrero, Totti Valle Riestra, Joel Grumberg, Miguel de la Roche, Manica Vergara and Carola Robles.

Contemporary Dance on 10 Topics / La Dance Contemporary on 10 Topics
Betzo Vilaicern, moderator of La Place de la Dance, proceeds to explore 10 works of contemporary dance from Bina Bash to Mers Cunningham via Michael Jackson and Jerome Bell.
For dancers and choreographers from Quito, Lima and Buenos Aires.
Advance booking with Alliance Franchise in Quito and Lima and Detro Timber 4 in Buenos Aires.
> Tuesday February 23 | 11 a.m. (Quito & Lima Time) (5 p.m. Toulouse Time | By Video Conference *
Video conference with Betta Viloisern (La Place de la Dance) with Marta Escuardo Munoz.
Limited places with free access, registration required:
L’Alliance française de Quito: asistenteculture (at) (.) Ec
French Alliance of Lima:

Letters from Cortes del Continent / Continent
Duration: 1h20
Subtitles in Spanish by Africa Moment
From Kinshasa, Maracak, Lagos to Ciudad del Capo what do we simultaneously think, what do we want to create, what do we dream about?
These 21 letters, written between May and June 2020, reflect like many self-portraits, the new generation of dancers, choreographers, artists, directors, changing the situation; Discover and share stories of a changing continent.
> Thursday February 11 | Detro Verdi and Detro Timbre 4 in Montevideo, Uruguay in Buenos Aires, Argentina | 8pm (in Uruguay and Argentina) (12am in France) *

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