How the first in-depth space exploration of the United Arab Emirates reached Mars

How the first in-depth space exploration of the United Arab Emirates reached Mars

A robotic probe owned by the United Arab Emirates is set to go into orbit on Mars on Tuesday. For task managers in Dubai, this was the annoying climax of their first trip to the UAE. If you win, then Amalas This study will scan the atmosphere of Mars. The Emirates Cabinet hopes that this work will also promote a new field of science and technology as the Gulf Government wants to prevent its economy from becoming dependent on oil.

As the Earth and Mars orbit the Sun, the Exploration of Hope was launched last July from the Thane Kashima Space Center in Japan. Now, after more than 300 million miles, Hope wants to do a complex and complete autonomous maneuver called the insertion of Mars’ orbit at 10:30 p.m. ET. It is not known whether the Interior Office at the Mission Management Center in Dubai started work by 10.42pm. ET due to a 22-minute delay back and forth on NASA’s Deep Space Network. Manual control is not possible in real time, so Hope should do these tropical dances automatically.

The Interior Ministry is asking Hope to reduce its travel speed from 75,000 to 11,000 miles per hour to move away from Mars’ gravitational pull. Shot with six Delta-V traction devices and apply the brakes for 27 minutes. This should help the spacecraft “catch orbit” around the red planet. Five minutes later, while flying farther away from Mars, the mission leaders lose contact with Hope and cut off the radio signals for about 15 minutes.

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“He was trained enough, we thought about every situation we might or may not succeed in, and planned in a team order,” said Sarah al-Ameri, deputy project director for the UAE mission to explore Mars. Margin.

In preparation for the voyage, 450 members of the Hope Mission team have designed and tested the Hope spacecraft over the past six years. If all goes well, Mission Hope will become the fifth space power to reach Mars after the United States, the Soviet Union, the European Space Agency and India.

Over the next two months, Hope will do many more maneuvers to go into an orbit around Mars. This will be important to achieve the main goal: to study the atmosphere of Mars and to capture a global picture of the weather patterns of the planet. Will fly around Mars every 55 hours and capture an entire frame every nine days.

Emirates Mars Mission “Baskira Bus Twitter” “Twitter” Updates throughout the work. The United Arab Emirates Space Agency is one Live broadcast Mission control in Dubai begins at 9 p.m. ET until the maneuver begins at 10:30 p.m. ET. We continue to find out whether the United Arab Emirates will succeed in its first planetary mission.

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