How the country recalled the Kovit-19 aircraft

How the country recalled the Kovit-19 aircraft

At the beginning of the epidemic, Canberra was considering spreading the virus among the population. Before choosing a strict controls and a strategy for complete removal of the virus. As a result, the Australian Open, which opened on Monday, February 8, will be attended by approximately 30,000 people each day.

Closed borders between some states of the country, three months imprisonment in Melbourne: Australia has chosen a particularly aggressive strategy in dealing with the epidemic. As 72 participants can certify at the Australian Open tennis tournament, there are only fourteen days in hotels for the tournament to start on February 8th. “Without the opportunity to go out, even training”, Accurate Washington Post.

However, at the beginning of the epidemic, Canberra began to consider adopting the Swedish method. By allowing the virus to circulate. That means it is a fundamental vulnerability. “But the rate of our rapid growth, the number of cases and deaths will explode”, Site by Australian researcher Richard Holden on site Conversation. “Our leaders understood the message and acted resolutely.

Trust reigns between Australians and their government

Screening is an excellent system and helps well


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