Amazon wants to set up a distribution company in the mold near Cain

Amazon wants to set up a distribution company in the mold near Cain

Plans to set up in the US online trading company Mold (Calvados).

“We are currently exploring the possibility of opening a distribution company in Moult. This project, which is only in its infancy, is being carried out in full cooperation and in a constructive manner with local partners.”, Friday 3 February France 3 Normandy, in response to the Amazon, half-heartedly confirmed its establishment in the town of Mold, southeast of Cain (Calvados). Already Thursday, the regional daily Ouest-France has released the company’s plan.

I heard that he was planning to settle in the city of Amazon

Philip Pescural, leader of the Wall-Toons Community Community

For his part, the mayor of Moult-Chichepo, Corey Arrugo, states that “On files while procedures are still in progress”.

Tasks are at risk

The company also told us on Friday the employment outlook for setting up a distribution company: “Amazon will hire 50 people on permanent contracts and create 250 indirect jobs through partner distribution companies”, According to the distribution company of Saint-Etienne-to-Rover, it will open at the end of 2020.

The idea of ​​setting up an e-commerce company in Normandy is not new, but has met with opposition. Already in November 2019, he was about to buy land to build a warehouse in the US company Monteville. But city mayor Helen Burgot opposed the plan.

Most recently, on January 15, about thirty members of the Sean-Maritime branch of the National Association of Stop Amazon went to the town hall of Pettit-Coron to appeal. In November, the municipality granted building permission to set up a logistics base at the former Petroplus site.

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