Added a grid calendar in Newcastle (Australia)

Added a grid calendar in Newcastle (Australia)

The World Surf League added a competition to the 2021 season calendar, which launched in December in Hawaii with Pipe Masters and Maui Pro. Surveyors in pro-environment have four events in Australia as the WSL has agreed with the country’s government for a round in Newcastle, north of Sydney. This stage is set to take place at the Meruweather location – including Ryan Collins local – hence the addition of the early Australian Triptych, Bells Beach, Snapper Rocks in Coolangatta and the Margaret River.

The tour of Australia starts on April 1 and ends on May 31, requiring four consecutive matches in two months. So far, no dates have been announced for the four events. On the WSL site, Newcastle precedes Bells Beach, Margaret River and the Gold Coast, although there appears to be no guarantee that this order will be valid, although the adventure appears to begin in Newcastle. WSL has been active on these dates and has promised to contact them soon.

All surfers on the same plane

In addition, the body that manages professional surfing has announced that the New South Wales government has accepted that a plane from Los Angeles will land in Sydney before forty with all athletes (men and women). After that, every surfer must go out and get medical permission from the public health authorities to train.

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