With Joe Biden, the United States wants to regain its place

With Joe Biden, the United States wants to regain its place

Great destruction – The new president, who has spoken to foreign officials, called on the traditional U.S. to reunite with diplomacy.

Washington Correspondent

Joe Biden’s visit to the State Department’s Fokey Bottom in Washington on Thursday was very symbolic: “America is back. Diplomacy is back ”, The US president told diplomats and foreign officials during his first visit to one of his ministries. “You are at the center of everything I want to do. We will rebuild our alliances. We will reclaim our place in the world and face the enormous challenges we face: tackling an epidemic, combating global warming and defending democracy and human rights around the world. “

Four years after Trump imposed his own vision of diplomacy, Biden, who was more distrustful of his diplomats than some foreign dictators, wanted to reassure and re-energize the shocked and frustrated ministry.

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