February 6, 1910 in the sky: 1st certified aircraft in South America

Le 6 février 1910 dans le ciel : 1er vol homologué en Amérique du Sud 1 Air Journal
February 6, 1910 in the sky: 1st Air Journal 1st certified aircraft in South America

Flight History – February 6, 1910. This February 1910 marks the centenary of the country’s independence in Argentina, leading to some celebrations within the framework of the festival, the first flight in the history of this country. South America, in official view. A fantastic performance “unpublished” which would be in the guise of a Frenchman who, to be exact, had already unofficially signed on a plane in the Argentine skies.

This French pilot is none other than the young 21-year-old Henry Brookie, who has won the famous Sesame n ° 26 since December 1909 and already holds a pilot’s license. Taking control of his biplane type aircraft will be equipped with voice workshops, equipped with a motor capable of delivering 50 horsepower, while the aviator will fly over the Longchamp Racecourse in Buenos Aires during his demonstration.

Brooke has traveled to Argentina for the exhibition at the joint request of the State of Argentina and Argentine aviator Jorge Newberry. Its flight of eight minutes and forty-five seconds scans 3,000 people to see the sky evolve at an altitude of 60 meters, at a speed of forty kilometers per hour.

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