Clint Eastwood, America’s Best Painter?

Clint Eastwood, America's Best Painter?

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Story: Clint Eastwood, America’s Best Painter?

Warner looks back on the director’s incredible career with the release of the box set, his 63 films, and the airing of his latest film in the Canal + “The Richard Jewel Case” club.

For 60 years Clint Eastwood has painted this America on the fringes, not much has been said about it. Whether in Grand Torino with a racist player who feels abandoned by his country or on The Exchange with this young mother struggling to find her son. Clint Eastwood talks about his everyday heroes. Today, he is one of the few artists to openly declare himself a conservative. How does his political vision affect his films? What does he say through his films about America, its neurons and beliefs? How to explain not only the faith of the American public but also the French language? We tell you everything in the club!

Guest : Jean-Louis Fabiani, Sociological Editor of Clint Eastwood in the Decode Editions

Movies of my life : Joel Tigger

Comment from critics : Caroline Wise of 20 minutes and Fabrice Leclerc of the Paris match

Images discussed : Malcolm and Mary (Netflix) / Animals Only (Michael) / Antonet / Sevens in Sevens (Michael)

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