Who is the best player in history? The United States faces the Super Bowl this weekend

Qui est le meilleur joueur de l'histoire ? L'Amérique attend le Super Bowl de ce week-end avec impatience

On this occasion, Tom Brady will play his 10th Super Bowl, which traditionally closes the season of American Football Professional League (NFL).

The debate over who is the best player of all time does not really arise in American football. With six titles, collected under the New England Patriots jersey, he hopes to be brought to seven on Sunday, with Tom Brady almost unanimous. Now 43, the man who dominated the first two decades of the Millennium, in March 2020, surprised everyone by leaving the Patriots after twenty years of good and loyal service and failing to renew himself among the many predicted Buccaneers. Quarterback – that is, the player behind his attacking line and leading the attack with his forward passes, a position Brady holds – has proven the skeptics wrong by leading his new club into the Super Bowl. On Sunday, he could become the second American footballer in history to lead two different title owners.

Then? Tom Brady, the oldest player to play in the Super Bowl, is thinking of extending his illustrious life beyond 45, the age at which he was first hanged. He does not appear to be close enough to send the baton to his opponent Patrick Mahomes on Sunday. Beyond the game, the two men present two slightly different “political consciousnesses”: Mahomes is one of the strongest voices in the American game to be heard in the fight against racial injustice, and Brady follows the movement even more intelligently. As for his friendship with Donald Trump, “We can’t deny it, but politics and friendship are two different things.” He recently defended himself. The mark left by everyone in history can also be determined on this land.

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