NFL | Will Jimmy Caropolo be traded by 49 people?

NFL |  Will Jimmy Caropolo be traded by 49 people?

(San Francisco) George Kittle sparked rumors surrounding a 49-quarter dealers Jimmy Caropolo of San Francisco, he works well with opponents trying to block his path.

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“It simply came to our notice then. These are just rumors. Gossip, Kid said on the AB Pro football podcast. I think people on social media like to talk about things I don’t know. I’m in the training center, I’m in the locker room, I never heard anything like that. I trust my quarterback, he was a football player when he was healthy. ”

Kitt, who appeared in two Pro Bowls and was named to the NFL All-Star team in 2019, said he had not discussed the matter with Carpolo. The 49ers The Detroit Lions would have been interested in the services of quarterback Matthew Stafford before trading him for the Los Angeles Rams.

“I think we’ve been hearing the same rumors in the office for two or three years,” Kittle continued. He reports to camp, trains and carefree play. Jimmy is old enough to deal with this. He is a quarterback. ”

Caropolo has two more seasons to go on his five-year, 137.5 million US contract. This is the trade-off rule for the 2021 season.

The 49ers It has advanced to 6-10 this season from a Super Bowl final last year. However, injuries greatly affected their performance.

Carpolo, Kittil, cornerback Richard Sherman, defensive end Nick Posa, Raheem Mostert and wide end Debo Samuel missed at least half the campaign.

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