Biden in foreign policy speech: “America back”


US President Joe Biden delivered a speech tonight (Thursday) in which he presented US foreign policy for the next four years., Diplomacy is back. “Before the speech, the president announced: ‘We are going to rebuild our alliances. We will return to communicate with the world, and face the enormous challenges we face in dealing with epidemics and global warming, and stand up for democracy and human rights around the world.

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“We face great challenges, we are not alone. Our values ​​have been ignored in recent years. We have fought for our democracy here. We will find out what the situation is in Myanmar. In recent weeks I have spoken out for our benefit Friends – Britain, Australia and Japan to rebuild our relationship.” He did not mention Israel.

“I made it clear to Putin that we would deal with the Russian occupation so that we could deal with Russia through cooperation,” the president continued. “One small thing worries us and the international community. It should be released immediately.”

Commenting on the position of the United States in the world, the President said: “We will restore our position as leaders of the free world. We will deal with the Chinese economic occupation, but we will also talk with our allies with Beijing.” The United States cannot leave, “said David Cook, chief of The Christian Science Monitor’s Washington bureau.

Joe Biden signs orders (Photo: Ivan Wucy, AB)
“America cannot leave the world stage” | Photo: Ivan Wuci, A.P.

In his speech, Biden also noted that overcoming the climate crisis: “The United States must take the lead in tackling the climate crisis. On International Environment Day, we will hold an international conference on climate crisis and its treatment.”

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During the US-backed war in Yemen, where the Saudi-led coalition was at war, the president called for an end to it: “It has dire humanitarian consequences.”

Biden did not address the Israelis and Palestinians in his speech, nor did he talk about the nuclear deal. Prior to the speech, French President Macron Biden recommended that the parties mediate in the nuclear deal with Iran. “A way must be found to involve Israel and Saudi Arabia in this agreement,” Macron said.

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