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USA: Liz Cheney retains his position in the midst of the Civil War between the Republicans

After the departure of Donald Trump, it was a war within the Republican Party. In the House of Representatives, supporters of the former president are openly clashing with those who want to turn Trump over. Together with our correspondent in the United States Eric de Salve, this sensational split crystallizes around two select conservatives: the highly competitive Marjorie Taylor Green, a follower of the conspiratorial movement QAnon and backed by Donald Trump, and the other Liz Cheney behind the Capitol attack on Capitol. Party order. Last night, after voting against Donald Trump, his party organized a referendum to decide whether or not to allow him, with Liz Cheney finally retaining his seat, with 145 votes in favor and 61 against. He retained the position of 3rd most important official elected by the House of Representatives. Disorder in the eyes of Democrats The fact that this referendum took place is a contradiction in the view of Democrats and shows how Donald Trump is a political force. Instead, the opposition called for an embargo against Marjorie Taylor Green. ► USA: Marjorie Taylor Green, an extreme conservative QAnon pin in Congress In recent days, videos released by Marjorie Taylor Green before her election have resurfaced and shocked: Georgia’s elected official there supports violent Islamist comments, calls for assassination against Nancy Pelosi, and Barclay in Florida , Which aims to strengthen the law relating to weapons. However, Marjorie Taylor was appointed to Greenhouse Education Committee. It is intolerable for Democrats to ask Republicans to exclude them, denying his leader Kevin McCarthy that he condemns his comments, but maintains it. Therefore, the Democrats are arranging a full referendum this Thursday, February 4th. Force elected Republican officials to speak publicly for or against this elected official, which is a summary between supporters of the Civil War within the Republican Party and opponents of Donald Trump.

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