The play, which took place a few days ago off the coast of South Australia, has moved across a country.

A tragic accident has occurred on a beach in South Australia.

The life of a family who came to enjoy the sea came to an abrupt end when their father suddenly disappeared. The latter appeared in a photo taken by his wife Dahlia, who showed him a few minutes earlier in the background of the shot, diving with a snorkel, while his son Levy rested on the edge of the water.

The body of the 32-year-old man was finally found a few minutes later. Investigators and The media thought at first Duncan Crow lost his life after being attacked by a shark and discovered that his case had been completely severed.

But experiments determined that Levi’s father, 2, had died of natural causes shortly before being eaten by a shark. The victim’s brother – in – law, Fred Trick, shared with local media: ” One thing assures us is that Duncan was already at peace when the shark struck.. »

The dramatic history of this family soon moved the country. His colleagues, his relatives and many anonymous people paid tribute to Duncan Craw. A few days after the tragedy, Dahlia decided to release a family snapshot taken just minutes before the crash.

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By Jeremy Renard