The play, which took place a few days ago off the coast of South Australia, has moved across a country.

A tragic accident has occurred on a beach in South Australia.

The life of a family who came to enjoy the sea came to an abrupt end when their father suddenly disappeared. The latter appeared in a photo taken by his wife Dahlia, who showed him a few minutes earlier in the background of the shot, diving with a snorkel, while his son Levy rested on the edge of the water.

The body of the 32-year-old man was finally found a few minutes later. Investigators and The media thought at first Duncan Crow lost his life after being attacked by a shark and discovered that his case had been completely severed.

But experiments determined that Levi’s father, 2, had died of natural causes shortly before being eaten by a shark. The victim’s brother – in – law, Fred Trick, shared with local media: ” One thing assures us is that Duncan was already at peace when the shark struck.. ยป

The dramatic history of this family soon moved the country. His colleagues, his relatives and many anonymous people paid tribute to Duncan Craw. A few days after the tragedy, Dahlia decided to release a family snapshot taken just minutes before the crash.

By Jeremy Renard