Controlled but cultivated? Buckingham Palace (more) accepts the challenge

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To escape from this sense of imprisonment created by imprisonment, there is nothing better than immersing oneself in the history and culture of London. After the British Museum, brings you today to the heart of another legendary site in the British capital: Buckingham Palace.

For some time now, royal residence has given you the opportunity to discover its throne room, its grand staircase or its white room, thanks to the 3D virtual visit. Accessed via YouTube, This excursion will take you about ten minutes through time and place. The editorial staff let you know their opinion about this original style.

An exciting and interactive visit

From the first seconds of the video, the master of the house Tony Johnstone-Birt greets us at the entrance of the palace. After a brief introduction, he soon paves the way for Anna Reynolds. If the poor quality of the film scares the low motivation among us, the curator manages to take us into the world of the royal family by thanking the youngsters for the delightful events.

Before Anna Reynolds takes us to the Grand Staircase, the journey begins with a brief description of the palace’s history. Although the information given is brief and we are a little hungry, the excursion continues with the discovery of the green room. This room, full of many works and paintings, is very pleasant to look at, especially the video format that allows the audience to walk into the room during the curator’s presentations.

White salon, room upgraded with exceptional materials

The visit continues to the throne room a few moments later Gallery of paintings. But the room that received the most attention from the editorial staff was undoubtedly the white room. The piano of Queen Victoria, adorned with an 18th century desk and several gold chandeliers, manages to draw us into an atmospheric atmosphere that is somewhat desirable on arrival. To conclude the show, Anna Reynolds reveals one of Salon Blank’s secrets. Hidden behind a glass, which leads to private apartments Queen Elizabeth II Appear. Unbeknownst to the general public, Her Majesty often uses it to meet her guests, says the curator.

To complete this journey, Official website De Buckingham Palace offers a 360 virtual tour of its site. Free, it offers the opportunity to walk through the Grand Staircase, Throne Room and White Room. This unprecedented experience, tested by editorial staff, plunges you into the universe of the royal family for a better quality display than the one submitted on YouTube.

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