A radical Orthodox man at the border pleads: “If I do not give birth – it is death to my wife”

A radical Orthodox man at the border pleads: "If I do not give birth - it is death to my wife"

The government has decided to cover the sky and ban entry into Israel, but there are tough and thrilling stories about those on the Taba border and not allowed to enter – only with one flight to Frankfurt – take it all day.

It is the story of a radical Orthodox boy who goes abroad for a living, after which he is stranded and unable to return to Israel – until the birth of his house, which will happen at any moment. If he tells his wife not to give birth – that is, to kill her and call on those who can help her – do all she can for him.

In a conversation with Sabbath Square, he describes the difficult situation he finds himself in, asking for help: “My wife is in the 40th week of pregnancy. I have a 3-year-old daughter. My mother-in-law is over 70. I can only be with my wife when she is born.”

“I left for Ukraine – before I knew it was closing – for a living, I saw the gates of Israel locked, I closed 3 air tickets from Jordan (link), I wanted to make the crossroads still open, I was informed that the crossing on the way to the airport was closed. . “

“Since there was a rescue plane from Frankfurt, I tried all means to get there, but ticket sales started 10 hours before the flight, I did everything to build the plane – I flew back to Ukraine, and immediately on Saturday I ran to the airport via Turkey to get to Frankfurt via the link (!” , But when I arrived in Turkey the flight was said to have been canceled. “

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The boy describes the many hardships he went through and the flights he made: “Eventually I decided to go to Sinai. By plane and long journey, I was informed that the Interior Ministry had left. Taba Crossing was open until 31, but when I arrived in Sinai – the truth struck me, I was knocked out Realized again – they closed the border again than they expected. “

“Right now,” the boy explains, “I’m stuck at a Taba crossing in Sinai, with my 3-year-old daughter at home, just hours before the delivery, after the government’s forced us to return to Frankfurt and insist on not opening the Taba crossing for more than 30 hours. I need to shake again, and instead let me cross the border realizing that I know humanity. “

“In addition,” the boy adds, “I have no food. I and the rest of the group at the hotels in Taba have not put almost everyone here – because we are kosher keepers.”

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